Tuesday, February 9, 2010


People says that on the day you married is the last day you are free because of the attachment and the responsibilities and the obligation and the duty that came after but to me it is all in the mind; you need to be ready to engage in a perilous journey with you body and SOUL. There are 4 things people uses to relate with the human aspects: that is the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspect. In marriage, people tend to delve into the physical aspect more, a bit into intellectual and some emotional aspect thrown here and there, but it is the spiritual aspect that people most forgot that is crucial to bond with another human being. That is to pour the whole spirit and focus on the relationship with the kind of sharing and filling each other's disabilities and understanding. This is achieved by devoting your time and money to your spiritual guidance together and always trying to be a better person. In fact struggle to be a better person.


  1. It is the most sensible and nicest expression to the sacred relation that all should have in their consideration .